I Just Read About a Unique Way to Make Bushes. With Faux Fur as a Base!

Whilst doing some quick reading about using Lichen for bushes and with tree armatures, I accidentally stumbled upon this brilliant article!

For a few weeks now I’ve been thinking about how to model different styles of bushes, and I was coming up blank for this particular style.

But this bloke has a great solution! Using teased out Faux Fur as a base for bushes.

fur bush

(Picture from the Pacific Coastline RR Article)



Apparently these Faux Fur bushes can be made larger too, ie for O Scale, easier than using teased out polyfill (teddy bear stuffing). As the Polyfill fluffballs have a harder time supporting the weight of the attached groundfoam / turf.


I’m gonna give it a go sometime soon and let you know how I go, I’ll be sure to add a post about my adventures!



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