I run a local transport business and spend most of my time in a truck, as you can imagine, listening to the radio gets old – real quick. However, it does give me a lot of time to stimulate my mind by listening to Podcasts and Audiobooks! Recently I stumbled […]

Glues and Adhesives for Every Occasion

Check out this video of tree construction, using real tree/shrub roots as trunks for the model trees. What a great idea!   I cant wait to test out this method. Its something we can do with the kids, and it should be a bit of fun too.   Video by […]

Quick and Easy Realistic Trees [Video]

Hi everyone, welcome to Modeling Trains! Just a quick note to let you know I’ve got some great content lined up for future posts. I’ve got a lot of general tips which I’ve personally picked up over the last few years, and even some wisdom handed to me from my […]

Welcome to Modeling Trains!