I Built a Tree! 1

I built a tree! Well this is actually the second tree I made. Using real life, tree branches and twigs for armatures.



Here is how it started. A bag of sticks, some glue, a bag of lichen (next time round, the bag of lichen will be swapped for a tub of clump foliage) and importantly a block of florist foam.



I didn’t have the clump foliage on hand for the first tree I attempted. So I planned to attach lichen to the main trunks to act as the branches, add glue and sprinkle on turf to create leaf effects. As you can see it wasn’t going to look convincing! The lichen and turf/foam should make nice standalone bushes and shrubs though. But that’s another project for another time 😉



A close up shop of the armature I chose for my first tree! It had a good shape, but lacked any real branches aside from the 3 main trunks.

tree crop


Twigs added to be branches off the main trunky bits.

I used a fabric glue from spotlight (the ladies version of Bunnings/Home Depot). I was there for some tulle (for another project!) and picked it up thinking all glues must be the same ( Hey, I’m new at this ) and it said it was fast grab, waterproof & flexible and dries clear. It seemed really similar to a clear tacky glue, quicker to bond but maybe not as strong.

It was pretty good for the light stuff, but tacky glue worked a bit better for the heavier stuff on the next tree that I’m currently working on. I’m thinking a stronger and quicker acting glue might be even better, maybe something fancy and epoxy based? more of a contact adhesive maybe?



Once armatures were done, I applied some tacky glue to the tips (but probably didn’t let it go off enough) before adding clump foliage to the ends.




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