My Dad built a pretty big bridge, from scratch! 1

Bridge wide

Bare with me while I find more pictures, and write some more words. But for now,  here we go!



Test fit, for width. Both sides fabricated. We ended up much wider. For a single track and room on each side for the “0-5-0 switcher “.



Once the width was decided, it was time to mount a base. The 2 middle pylons go down to their respective foundations. The ends of the bridge will be mounted between two modules. Likely some decorative Anchorage Blocks will be mounted on the modules in the future.


The Master at work!


Couldn’t resist throwing a couple of locos on there

20130722_203521  20130820_174508

Its just a little too tight for 2 tracks to run reliably (not that our layout will accommodate a 2 track mainline). But plenty of room for one track and room for hands if something needs adjusting.



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