Repairing Wiring in a Lifelike Proto 2k Engine

I received an old, heavy, Lifelike Proto 2000 series engine, it was included in a shipment of parts from Pat at OZ Model Train Supplies.

I’m pretty sure its a Proto 2k, but it may be Proto 1k. I’m also pretty sure its an EMD SD60.


It was a non runner.


I popped the top off, and this is what I saw.

The short grey wire was attached to the black wires, but not to the motor.
The red wire goes down the side of the motor and attaches ( I imagine) somewhere under the motor.


Another View.


Wires on paper for better pictures.





Red wire looks to go down the bottom to the little metal tab.







And my assumption (due to the little bit of solder left on the end of the tab) is the grey wire goes to that metal tab at the top of the motor


Just slipped the grey under the tab, for testing purposes.


Touched a 9v battery to the wheelset, and it has power!

This is great, now I have another train to run on the layout, and one with pretty much all the detail parts broken off already so I cant get cranky at the kids when they accidentally get a bit rough or heavy handed. Winner winner.


Just for fun I’ve installed a DCC & Sound decoder into this engine, the kids love a loco with sound!

The decoder is a Soundtraxx TSU-828041

Soundtraxx HO Scale, Motor/Lights/Sound, DCC Decoder. Click for More Info.

and Soundtraxx oval speaker TSU-810112

Soundtraxx HO Scale, 1″ x .56″ Oval Speaker. Click for More Info.

I’m not sure if I’ve taken pics of the decoder installation process (pretty sure I did). From memory It was fairly straight foward, the directional LED’s being the part that required a bit more attention.


I know I have a video of the shell-less chassis and decoder wired up, like some kind of Frankenstein-esque experiment, having a test run on the layout.

I’ll find it and upload it soon 🙂


I do remember having to take an angle grinder to the lump of weight around the motor!


It did get quite hot, so be careful if you are going to attempt it.





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