This Corner Module got a Makeover. AKA: I dug a hole.

I’ve been tossing around ideas for the final style of the layout, and the other day I had a hit of inspiration for the back corner module.

We were in a bit of a hurry when we decided to start construction of this layout, finishing themes and style took a back seat to the fun stuff of playing with the power tools.

Here are some pics of the current stage of the layout construction, the corner at the back of the photo will be getting some attention.



Another angle. I got some inspiration for the flat area at the bottom, where the pink placsicine is, as you can see it cant stay flat – that would look weird at the base of such a grand mountain :p

20151108_190356 20151108_190415


The grand mountain has had a coat of paint, to match the surrounding hills and cliffs.



So, I dug a hole!

As I removed the flat sheet, I found a fairly important support in the way. It could come out and be replaced, or it could be a reasonable place for a bridge? Could probably fab up a deck plate girder style bridge to conceal it nicely.


20151121_182140 20151121_182154

Since these pics, after leaving it for some time to let it sit and see if it ‘feels’ right, and I think it does. I’ve more securely attached the screen to the frame and reshaped it a bit too.

Next weekend I’ll probably hit it with some plaster of paris, then some paint. And grab some more pics too! Its a bit hard to see some of the detail and form when its just the screen there.

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